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People considered AI as the enemy of jobs, it will give jobs up to 10 lakh to freshers, 45 thousand vacancies in India itself


artificial intelligence is becoming very popular
AI related jobs are now available in the market
freshers can also earn good money

New Delhi. Artificial Intelligence ie AI will see a lot of changes in the future. Especially when common people have access to AI tools like ChatGPT and Bing AI. Since then people’s understanding about Artificial Intelligence has increased. They are so powerful that they answer the most difficult questions in a pinch. In such a situation, people of many sectors are in fear that their jobs may not go away due to AI. But, in fact new jobs have also come from this.

AI does a lot of work fast, in such a situation, people have been fearing for some time that their job might not go away because of it. While AI is a tool that helps people save time. That is, the time saved after taking help from AI can be used for other productive things. In such a situation, the demand for AI professionals has also increased.

There are many jobs in AI
A study by TeamLeaseDigital has revealed that there are about 45,000 jobs in AI in India. These jobs are in sectors like healthcare, banking, manufacturing and retail. It has also been told in the report that since AI jobs are in great demand. In such a situation, freshers can also get good payment.

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It has been told in the report that people should select careers like Data Scientist and Machine Learning (ML). Because, there is a lot of scope in it in the coming time. Along with this, there will be no fear of job loss in future.

It has also been suggested in the study that on the post of Data Engineer, freshers will be able to earn up to Rs 14 lakh and ML Engineers will be able to earn up to Rs 10 lakh every year. Whereas, DevOps Engineers, Data Architects and Database Administrators can earn up to Rs 12 lakh. Those who have experience of 8 years or more in a similar field, they will be able to earn up to Rs 25 to 45 lakhs every year.


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