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Pension Scheme: Great news, the central government is giving a pension of Rs 20,000 every month, the decision is done!

NPS Scheme: If you are also looking for a good way for income in old age, then today we will talk to you about such a scheme of the Central Government, through which you can earn every month. Modi government has started many schemes for the general public of the country. Today we will tell you about such a scheme, in which the government will give you Rs 20,000 every month. The name of this scheme is National Pension Scheme.

Old age will be secure
National Pension Scheme is a government scheme, through which your old age remains secure. The special thing is that there is zero risk in it and money is also guaranteed. This scheme was started in the year 2004 for the government employees. At the same time, in the year 2009, this scheme was opened for all categories. 

40% annuity
has to be invested. Under this scheme, you have to invest for a long period of time in your working life. In this scheme, you have to invest 40% of the amount in annuity. It is from the amount of annuity that you get pension later on.

What are the benefits of the scheme-
>> In this scheme you can start with Rs.1000. 
>> People from 18 to 70 years can take advantage of this scheme. 
>> 60% amount will be track free on final withdrawal.
>> Contribution limit in NPS account is 14 percent. 
>> The amount invested in the purchase of annuity is also completely exempt from tax.

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Will get more than Rs 20,000 every month
If you invest Rs 1000 a month in this scheme at the age of 20, then till retirement you will have a total fund of Rs 5.4 lakh. There will be 9 to 12 percent return on this, due to which this investment will increase to 1.05 crores. If 40 percent of the corpus is converted into one year, then this prize will be Rs 42.28 lakh. Accordingly, assuming an annual rate of 10 percent, you will get a pension of Rs 21,140 every month. Along with this, you will get a lump sum amount of about Rs 63.41 lakh.


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