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PCIe 5.0 M.2 SSD Tower Cooler Released

Chinese PC component manufacturer JiuShark has unveiled a new cooling system for M.2 drives. This is a tower cooler with a heatsink and fan that is designed to remove a large amount of heat from the drive. The manufacturer itself positions the cooling system as a solution for M.2 SSDs with PCIe 5.0 support.

Judging by the published materials, the CO uses a 60 mm fan that rotates at up to 3000 rpm. The noise level reaches 25.4 dBa. The heatsink includes a block with 27 fins and one nickel-plated copper heatpipe. An aluminum plate is in direct contact with the drive, which transfers heat to the radiator.

It is claimed that when testing the Samsung 980 Pro 500 GB drive at a temperature of 25 degrees, the heating performance decreased significantly. This is what the results look like:

The first graph shows the temperature of the NAND memory chips, the second shows the temperature of the controller.

A choice of black graphene paint and unpainted versions are available. The black version is priced at $13.30, while the regular version is $8.80. The launch of global sales has not yet been announced.

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