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Payment will be done through RuPay card even without CVV, NPCI said- they will get benefit

People using RuPay Card can now pay without CVV (CVV Less Payment). National Payments Corporation of India ie NPCI has started this option to make payments easier for Rupay card holders. However, this facility will not be available to all card holders.

Such customers will get the facility

According to a report in PTI, RuPay has now launched CVV-less payment option for its debit and credit cards. According to NPCI, this facility will be offered to prepaid cardholders who have tokenized their card on the merchant’s app or webpage. The CVV-less payment option enables the cardholder to access his wallet or remember card details to make any payment.

This method of payment is safe

NPCI says that this will happen only when the cardholder has created a token for his card on the respective e-commerce seller platform. Under the token system, the code number ie token number is used in place of the actual details of the card. This system of Reserve Bank of India is considered safe in terms of transactions, because the actual details of the card are not shared with the merchants at the time of transaction.

facility provided for

The government is continuously making efforts to increase the use of Rupay card. Under this, RuPay cards were given to people with open bank accounts under Pradhan Mantri Jan-Dhan Yojana. However, even after this, the use of Rupay card is very less as compared to Mastercard or Visa. The government wants to increase the number of Rupay cards as well as their use. The facility of payment without CVV is a part of these efforts.

Payment facility outside the country

NPCI is trying to make it easy to use Rupay card outside the country as well. NPCI is constantly looking for new tie-ups to increase the global acceptance of debit cards. Currently, RuPay cards are accepted at Discover of the US, Diners Club, JCB of Japan, Pulse and Union Pay of China POS.

These alliances have been done

NPCI is working in this direction to make RuPay card more widely used, so that it can reach at par with Visa or Mastercard users. RuPay had tied up with Discover Financial Services in March 2012 to offer international services to Indian citizens. Apart from this, RuPay Card had introduced RuPay JCB Global Card in July 2019 in association with JCB International Company Limited.


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