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Pay special attention to ‘these’ things before selling an old phone, otherwise big damage can happen, see tips

New Delhi: If you have bought a new smartphone and are thinking of selling an existing or old Android smartphone. So, there are some things to keep in mind. So don’t be complacent when selling old phones. Otherwise it can cost you dearly. Today we are going to tell you what you need to take special care of before selling an old Android phone. If you are an Android user and use a lot of Google apps, you need to back up your contacts. If your contacts are not already synced with your Gmail account, you can do so manually by visiting https://contacts.google.com/. These are just some of the goal setting shareware that you can use.

Like your contacts, you can also back up your messages and call records. Like SMS backup and restore Third Party Apps Your messages can be backed up using software. You can either go for a cloud backup using Google Photos, Google Drive, Microsoft’s OneDrive, Dropbox or any trusted cloud service, or you can physically transfer media files to an external hard drive or SSD. Factory reset will erase everything on the smartphone. However, it does not log you out of the Google Account (s). So, before performing a factory reset, make sure you log out of all Google Accounts and other online accounts. You can check the logged accounts by searching for “Accounts” in the phone settings or by going to “Accounts” via Gmail settings.

If using a microSD card, remove it from your phone. But first check that the data stored in it is safe. To save your WhatsApp chats before moving to a new phone, create a chat backup from WhatsApp settings on Google. Before proceeding with the factory reset, check that your Android phone is encrypted. If not, you can do it manually through the phone settings. Encryption makes it very difficult for others to access the data on your phone after a factory reset. Once you are sure that you have backed up all the important files in your phone, you can proceed to the factory reset. Find “Reset” in the phone settings and select “Erase All Data (Factory Reset)”. Doing so will delete everything on your smartphone.



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