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Parts for Hyundai soared in price. Chinese brands of quality spare parts appear in Russia

According to, after analyzing data from the Russian Union of Motor Insurers (RSA), spare parts for Hyundai cars in Russia have risen in price by 60% since March this year.In particular, the tailgate for the Hyundai Santa Fe has risen in price by almost 70%, from 49,080 rubles. to 83,325 rubles, the engine intake manifold for Hyundai Solaris has risen in price by 63%, from 50,846 rubles. up to 83,091 rubles. (+63.42%), a headlight for Hyundai Solaris added 57% and increased in price from 80,749 rubles. up to 126,903 rubles.There are fewer and fewer spare parts left in the warehouse, while some spare parts are becoming more expensive than others: “These are, for example, car body parts, doors, hoods, optics. As a rule, there are no replacements and analogues for them, and it is not so easy to arrange the supply of such parts through parallel imports, ”said Evgeny Ufimtsev, president of the RAMI and the All-Russian Union of Insurers (VSS).
Interviewed dealers claim that today it is possible to bring to Russia any spare parts from various countries of the world that are in stock.

It is more difficult to count on ordering parts that need to be pre-produced and are not available in warehouses, as well as for exclusive trim levels. All brands have suffered in one way or another because of the global situation. In our opinion, the most significant changes in the supply of spare parts affected the owners of Korean, Japanese and German brands.
Yulia Ovchinnikova, development director of the Klyuchavto auto holding.

She added that new Chinese spare parts brands are appearing in Russia: “At the same time, the quality of some of them is so high that one can definitely predict that the share of Chinese auto parts will grow.”


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