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Parliament TV’s YouTube channel hacked; Hackers rename channel so, what is YouTube’s policy for creators?

New Delhi:Sansad TV Of YouTube The channel is currently closed by the company. YouTube has accused Sansad TV of violating YouTube’s Community Guidelines. Now a press release has been issued by Parliament TV on the matter. A press release issued by Sansad TV said, YouTube The channel has been hacked by hackers. Also, YouTube is trying to solve this problem. Meanwhile, live streaming of Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha is done through Sansad TV.

The name was also changed after hackers hacked Sansad TV’s YouTube channel. Hackers renamed the channel Ethereum Was done. Ethereum is a popular cryptocurrency. The channel’s social media team has since recovered. However, Parliament TV’s YouTube channel has not been restored yet. Officials say Google has been notified. A complaint has been lodged with Google and the issue is being resolved.

Screenshots of Parliament TV’s YouTube channel are being shared on social media. The screenshot reads, “This account has been closed for violating YouTube’s rules.” However, it was not immediately clear which rules were violated. This page is not available after going to Parliament TV’s YouTube channel. There should be forgiveness. ‘ It is written like this. Also, 404 errors were visible. Meanwhile, a few days ago, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Twitter account was also hacked and posted about cryptocurrency. However, the account was later recovered.

What is the guideline of Youtube?

According to Youtube’s Community Guidelines, this guide is the same for all users and all types of content available on the platform. This includes videos, comments on videos, thumbnails, links and content written in descriptions. YouTube has a combination of machinery and a manual team, which follows and aims at all of YouTube’s guidelines. The Platform has developed these guidelines to create a safe, friendly environment for the community. Accounts and creators who violate YouTube’s rules are prosecuted by the company. YouTube creators are required to adhere to the Community Guidelines, Terms of Service, Copyright and Google Adsense policies. The YouTube channel may be shut down by the company in case of any violation.

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