Friday, February 23, 2024

Parallel import survives the last days, Kyrgyzstan is now under question. New rules for the import of cars are expected from February 1.

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Photo: Artem Krasnov

The current rules for parallel import of cars are valid till February 1, 2024, though there is no information about their extension: Dealers say they will wait for clarification from the government.

If the current procedure is not extended, legal persons will have the opportunity to use the proposed scheme of legalization of individual machines through ZOETC, which reports

The source suggests possible closure of the option of importing cars from Kyrgyzstan. Currently this is one of the key transit points for importing cars into Russia, which allows Russians to purchase them at lower prices than from official dealers.


Individuals already in August last year limited parallel imports through the regulation of utility bills, and now, at reduced rates, they are allowed to import no more than one car a year.

From October 1 last year in Russia stopped issuing ZOETS for car brands, officially presented on the Russian market. The exceptions are manufacturers from unfriendly countries, shown in the list of goods for parallel import, compiled by Minpromtorg.

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