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Paper-pen will be forgotten! The cheapest and coolest digital writing pad of the market has arrived, the price is less than Rs 200

Digital Pad: If you keep writing a little bit with your work, then obviously you have to keep the diary and pen with you. However, there is a lot of frills because if the diary is filled or the pen ink is over, you cannot write. If you want to get rid of paper and pen and write fast without it, then today we have brought you a fire device which is so economical that Diaries and pens can be purchased at a lower price and you can write on it in the best way.

What is this device and what is its specialty 

The name of this device is thriftkart Writing pad Drawing Tablet Tab with Pen Electronic LCD Kids Tablet. This is an LCD writing pad on which you can easily write as well as place it in your bag or between books. Let me tell you that this device is available on Amazon and its real price is ₹499 but it is being given a discount of 68 percent. In such a situation, customers can buy it only after getting discount ₹160.

This device is so loud that it can be written quickly. To write with it, you are given a special kind of touch pen which supports its display. Its display has an LCD panel, so when you write something with the help of a pen, it looks very good and is so clear that in bright light You can also see it well. It is like writing on a paper.

This device runs with the help of a button battery

There is a small port in the back of this device where you can place a single button battery. This button is very small in battery size and the special thing is that once you apply it, you will use it for years, even then it does not end. Actually the battery on this writing pad costs less and you can use it for a longer period of time. The display of this writing pad is much brighter and can prove to be a great means of sketching for those who are associated with art.

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