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Pandemic, body positivity, fun and how to fold jeans. Google has summed up the results of search queries for 2021

Google has summarized the results of its search in 2021 and released a video.

The video begins with a rather minor mood, which is logical given the raging pandemic. Google says that this year the number of requests for “how to treat” has reached an all-time high.

There were also a lot of requests on the topic “how to honor someone”, “how to take care of your mental health”, “how to be yourself” and “what is my goal”. Of course, people asked a lot about the pandemic and vaccinations, about the restrictions in different countries.

On the other hand, various issues related to home entertainment have also reached new heights. This applied to films, games, and so on. And people also asked a lot about how to properly lay certain things. Apparently, the protracted period of working from home has posed new household tasks for many people.

More interestingly, people were looking for kindred spirits, requests for power outages increased by 5000%, a lot of people were interested in climate change issues, the body-positive trend became even stronger, which is logical, given the long period of working from home, and people were also actively reading about cryptocurrency.


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