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Panasonic to start production of Tesla 4680 batteries in Japan before the end of March

The 4680 battery cells for Tesla were developed by Panasonic, and if Tesla itself has already produced enough of them at a plant in California to equip a thousand electric vehicles, then Panasonic is only going to start pilot production on an experimental line in Japan. This will be done before the end of March, as Panasonic emphasized this week.

As noted earlier , Panasonic began mass production of 4680 type cells only next year, for which it will build two new production lines in Wakayama Prefecture in the west of the country. It is assumed that their construction will require at least $692 million. In the future, cells of the 4680 type will be supplied not only to Tesla, but also to other customers. Representatives of this American manufacturer of electric vehicles have previously made it clear that they will buy all the available volumes of 4680 type batteries, but this year they will not feel a shortage of them.

Recall that Tesla itself is at the same time ready to launch the production of 4680 batteries at enterprises under construction in Berlin and Texas, where small-scale production of Model Y crossovers with a new power structure of the body integrating the battery into its base has already been launched. The increased dimensions of the lithium cell (46 × 80 mm) make it possible to increase the charge storage density and reduce the cost of the battery. In addition to Panasonic, LG Energy Solution also intends to launch production of such batteries, while Samsung SDI prefers to produce its own analog similar in terms of parameters.



source: Reuters



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