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Pakistan’s Fawad Chaudhary again spews venom regarding India, comments on PM Modi

Pakistan India updates : Pakistan’s former Information Minister Fawad Chaudhary always remains in news for his controversial statements. Now he has said about India that it is not wise to reject an important neighbor in this way. If this happens, PM Modi’s relations with Muslims will deteriorate, due to which he may have to suffer losses. Pakistan does not need India, rather India will benefit from good relations with Pakistan.

Actually, his statement came after a comment by PM Modi. The PM had said in an interview given to a channel that one should not think too much about Pakistan. PM Modi had said that after 10 years of government, Pakistan is no longer a factor. In such a situation, we do not need to waste our time on Pakistan.

‘Only India will get more benefit’
After this, PTI leader Fawad Chaudhary said that what Modi said that he has nothing to do with Pakistan is his thinking, but the truth is that India benefits more by improving relations. Pakistan can give India access to Central Asia, which is especially important for North India. It is true that Pakistan will also benefit from good relations with India, but India will benefit more. Punjab of Pakistan and Punjab of India should open up to each other, so that more trade can happen between the two.

‘Modi should not spoil relations with Muslims’
Chaudhary said that Modi thinks that he can humiliate Pakistan with radical policies, this will only increase tensions between the two countries. This will also sour their relations with the Muslims of India. There are 20 crore Muslims in India. Spoiling relations with Muslims in places like Kashmir, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Delhi means that Narendra Modi will harm his country internally in some way or the other. Even before this, Choudhary has been in the news for praising Rahul Gandhi. He had praised Congress leader Rahul Gandhi by sharing a video on his X account. He had said that he will support all those leaders who are fighting against Modi’s policies.


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