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Pakistani MP’s pain spills out in the House… India went to the moon and we…

Pakistan News: Pakistan MP Mustafa Kamal has praised India profusely in the National Assembly, along with this he has also expressed the plight of Pakistan. He said that India has gone to the moon today and children in Karachi are dying by falling into the gutter. The speech given by Mustafa Kamal in the Parliament of Pakistan is being liked a lot on social media. He has also raised questions on Pakistan’s education system, Kamal said that Pakistan’s universities have become factories for unemployed youth. On the other hand, due to education, Indian youth are becoming CEOs of world companies. 

Mustafa Kamal, while referring to a news running on TV, said that two types of news are running on the same TV screen. The news came that India had reached the moon and two seconds later the news came that children had died after falling into an open gutter in Karachi. Kamal said that every third day a news like this comes on TV. He said that he is not giving this speech to strengthen his vote bank, but he wants Pakistan to progress. He told that a big city like Karachi has not been given even a single drop of water for 15 years. On the other hand, water mafia and tanker mafia steal water from the pipeline. 

2 crore 62 lakh children in Pakistan are not going to school
In another video, Kamal said, ‘There are 2 crore 62 lakh children of Pakistan who are not going to school.’ He said that the story of the children who do not go to school has not yet come to light, but what is their fate is a matter to think about. Kamal said that no matter how much we talk about the economic situation, how much progress we talk about, if we start thinking about these issues then we will lose sleep at night. He said that this is not an issue of any one state, it is an issue of the entire community. Kamal said that it would be a big thing if we improve our primary education system in five years.

Mustafa Kamal gave the example of India
Kamal said that Pakistan has 68 percent youth population, this is both an opportunity and a threat for the country. If we are not able to provide them employment then they will become a threat to the country. Today, universities in our country have become an industry for unemployed youth. The youth are roaming around with degrees and are not getting employment. Kamal said that the youth of Pakistan are not being taught what is in demand in the world. Giving the example of India, Mustafa Kamal said that our neighboring country taught children what was the demand of the world thirty years ago. The result of this is that today the CEOs of 25 top companies of the world are Indians. India’s economy is approaching 5 trillion dollars today.

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