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Pakistan selling arms to Ukraine: 10,000 rockets delivered through Germany and Poland, Russia’s displeasure may be huge

The government of Pakistan is supplying rockets to Ukraine very secretly. This has been disclosed in a media report. This act of Pakistan is going to anger Russia. Surprisingly, the Government of Pakistan is also trying to get cheap crude oil from Russia on the other hand.

According to the report, Pakistan has sent 10,000 rockets to Ukraine via Germany and Poland in a few months. Till now Russia has not reacted on this matter.

Rockets sent from Karachi
According to a report of ‘Economic Times’, rockets are being sent from Pakistan to Ukraine through a port in Germany. These are loaded from Karachi port and then they are delivered to the Ukrainian army via Germany-Poland.

According to the report – a ship had left from Karachi Port in the beginning of February. It first reached Germany’s Emden port and from there via Poland to Ukraine. It is being said that there were about 10,000 rockets in this ship which are fired through multi-barrel launchers.

Reports made in Pakistan’s Ordnance Factories
claimed that 46 containers were sent to Ukraine last month. It has not been revealed how many rockets or other weapons were there. It is being said that these rockets are being made entirely in Pakistan Ordinance Factories. Later they are sent to Karachi port through trucks.

Some other reports have said that these weapons are being delivered to Ukraine through Poland’s Gandsk port. According to the report- Ukraine has assured Pakistan that it will upgrade its Mi-17 helicopters. For this, a team from Ukraine is said to be present in Islamabad.

Russia also tried to buy cheap oil from Russia
Two months ago, Russia had bluntly told Pakistan that it will not give it cheap crude oil like India. Actually, a delegation of the Government of Pakistan had gone to Moscow. There it appealed to the Vladimir Putin government to supply oil to Pakistan at a 40% discount. Russia flatly denied this. Russia has also said that it will only fulfill the orders it currently has.

In February last year, the then Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan had gone to Moscow and even then he had demanded President Putin to give cheap oil to Pakistan. Even then Putin rejected it.

However, Pakistan’s supply of arms to Ukraine is sure to anger Russia and Pakistan may have to pay the price on many fronts.


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