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Pakistan scared of Modi’s roar, turned to China to save PoK

China on Pok: The Pakistan government has been shaken by the roar of Indian leaders amid the ongoing violent protests in PoK. Pakistan ministers have now started visiting China. Pakistan’s Deputy CM Ishaq Dar has sought help from China on the Kashmir issue. According to Pakistani media, China has assured Pakistan of supporting the issue of Kashmir. China said it supports the sovereignty and integrity of Islamabad.

According to Pakistani media, China’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi has said that he is also ready to promote the upgraded version of Pakistan-China Economic Corridor (CPEC). On the other hand, India strongly opposes CPEC passing through PoK. India says that POK is an integral part of India. Pakistan Foreign Minister Ishaq Dar said that Karakoram Highway is important for the geographical connectivity of both China and Pakistan and CPEC is an important part of it. The Karakoram Highway passes through PoK and was built despite India’s opposition. China’s Foreign Minister said that China supports the security, sovereignty and integrity of Pakistan. Apart from this, China is with Pakistan in its regional and international affairs.

Violence broke out in PoK
The statement of the Chinese Foreign Minister has come at a time when Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Foreign Minister S Jaishankar have increased pressure regarding POK. Recently, Prime Minister Modi had said that he will make Pakistan wear bangles, Pakistan had also protested against this. Apart from this, the Foreign Minister had said that POK is an integral part of India and we will keep it. On the other hand, there is a lot of violence going on in PoK, Pakistan police came under pressure and opened fire and 4 civilians died.

China raised demand for security in Pakistan
Ishaq Dar has reached China regarding these issues, in China he met the Chinese Foreign Minister and discussed many issues. During this, China said that Pakistan should protect Chinese engineers in Pakistan. Pakistan should take every step to ensure the safety of Chinese citizens in Pakistan for the operation of Chinese companies. In fact, recently there was a suicide attack on a convoy of Chinese engineers in Pakistan, in which 5 Chinese citizens were killed. Wang Yi said during the meeting that China and Pakistan will support each other and work together on strategic cooperation partnership.

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