Thursday, February 22, 2024

Owners of new BMWs in Russia encountered an unexpected problem – Car Play does not work

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An article appeared on Habré describing a new problem that owners of «parallel» BMWs faced in Russia. As soon as the machine understands that it is in Russia, it «takes over» the connection of the smartphone to the state media system. For example, if you connect the iPhone, the message «Connection of this device is impossible. Version Bluetooth is no longer compatible,

The way out of this unpleasant situation is: you need to disconnect the telemetry block. Then the connection of the media system with the smartphone will work as usual, but…some other functions of the car will stop working. Here we have to decide what is more important.

All these problems that owners of «parallel» BMWs face are due to the fact that the company left Russia and disconnected its services for Russians. So, yesterday we already told that official dealers BMW (and also Audi, Volkswagen, Mercedes) do not have the opportunity create/program new keys,

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