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Over 60% of Russians still do not trust digital technologies

The questions also related to the digitalization of education, to which 57% noted a decrease in its quality for this reason, and only 18% expressed the opposite opinion. Among those surveyed, 55% said in the affirmative that security cameras should only be used to catch criminals. And 85% are convinced that all decisions on citizens’ issues should be attracted by people, not neural networks.

At the same time, 38% of respondents said that they want to submit documents to government agencies exclusively in paper form, 43% – both in electronic and paper form, and 17% would like to submit documents only online.

When asked about the dangers of artificial intelligence and digital technologies in general, 7% of survey participants answered that they see only harm, 15% believe that there is more harm than good, 20% see only benefit, 44% believe that there is more benefit than harm.

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