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OTP Scam: Attention online shoppers! Otherwise you will have to bear the loss


new Delhi. The scope of online shopping and online payment is reaching small cities and towns. Where children and old people of all ages are giving importance to online payment and online shopping. Taking advantage of this, scammers are cheating people. To avoid fake delivery, the option of OTP is given by Flipkart and Amazon. But with the help of this scammers have found a new way of OTT fraud.

How to execute fraud
Actually scammers make fake delivery to you. When fake delivery reaches you in the name of Flipkart and Amazon, you refuse to take that delivery, because no delivery has been done from your side. In such a situation, the scammers ask you to cancel the delivery or return it. For this, an OTT comes to you, which you share with the delivery boy. After which your account becomes empty. Scammers will send you a fake link asking you to return the order. After this, an OTT comes on the users’ phones. Your account gets hacked after sharing OTT.

What to keep in mind while shopping online

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  • Do not share OTT with anyone.
  • Do not click on any unknown link.
  • If you have ordered goods online, share OTT at the same time. Otherwise don’t share OTT with anyone.
  • Do not cancel orders by clicking on links sent by others. If you have placed an order, the order will be available on your e-commerce platform from where the product can be canceled or returned.

Note – Online payment and shopping is a convenient process. But during this time you should take special care of some basic things. Otherwise you may have to bear the loss.


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