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Original free fonts instead of Times New Roman, Arial and Tahoma. A Russian company has developed 11 fonts that can be used instead of Monotype fonts

Yesterday, the American company Monotype, which owns the rights to the popular fonts Times New Roman, Verdana, Arial, Helvetica and Tahoma, announced the suspension of cooperation with Russian companies. However, this does not mean at all that Russian users will suddenly find themselves without fonts. Firstly, only the site is closed, and Microsoft has a license for these fonts, so they are included in the office software package and are available to all MS Office users. Secondly, in Russia there have been 11 fonts compatible with common Monotype fonts for a long time. And besides, they are free.

“Currently, the set consists of 11 fonts and 24 weights. Using them allows you to avoid distortions and violations of the structure of the document, as well as to keep the number of lines, the arrangement of tables and headings in the same form. Their unique feature is compatibility with common Monotype fonts, which allows you to keep the original formatting and layout of documents previously created using popular foreign fonts. Fonts can be useful for both ordinary users and organizations of any size.– reported in the company-developer of the Russian office software “MyOffice”.

Petr Shcheglov, Product Marketing Director of MyOffice, noted that the company is the first and only domestic manufacturer of office software that developed and introduced the XO_Fonts font set back in 2016; they are metric analogues of popular foreign fonts. According to Shcheglov, the fonts are supplied with the MyOffice editors, they can also be free download from the developer’s site and use in any application.

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