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Ordering food from Zomato has become expensive now, now you will have to pay so much for one order

Zomato has increased its charges for food delivery by 25%, meaning customers will now have to pay an additional ₹5 on every order. This increased charge is currently applicable in major cities such as Delhi-NCR, Bengaluru, Mumbai, Hyderabad, and Lucknow. Zomato initially began charging ₹2 per order in August 2023, then increased it to ₹3 in October of the same year. In January 2024, the charge was raised once again, this time from ₹3 to ₹4, and now it stands at ₹5. Swiggy, Zomato’s main competitor, also charges ₹5 for food delivery, although there are reports of Swiggy showing a charge of ₹10 to some users.

Zomato’s increased charge for food delivery is a flat fee, applicable to every order, in addition to the delivery charge. Even Zomato Gold members, who enjoy waived delivery charges as part of their membership benefits, will be subject to this new ₹5 charge. Zomato aims to boost its earnings with this ₹5 charge on food orders, as even a slight increase per order can significantly impact the company’s revenue. This isn’t the first time Zomato has raised its delivery charges; it previously increased the charge from ₹2 to ₹3, and then from ₹3 to ₹4 a few months ago.

Additionally, Zomato is making changes to its “Legends” service, which was launched in 2022. Originally, the service promised next-day delivery of restaurant food from one city to another, but it faced criticism and legal challenges regarding the preservation of food for quick delivery. Zomato is currently reevaluating the Legends service, which had plans to expand delivery to distant areas and even abroad, but these plans are now on hold.


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