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Order hair dryer online for less than Rs 1000, great deal available here

Buy hair dryer for less than Rs 1000, great deal available here

Winters have arrived and drying wet hair in the cold morning is no less than a problem. Going out in the cold air with wet hair means inviting diseases, in such a situation you need a hair dryer that can dry your hair instantly. With the help of which you can give a good look to your hair. Therefore, today we will tell you about some hair dryers which are available for less than Rs 1000. You can buy these hair dryers from both Amazon and Flipkart platforms.

Philips Hp8100

If you are looking for a hair dryer to dry your hair, then this dryer will prove to be great for you. In this hair dryer you get 2 flexible heat settings. You can set it as per your choice and dry your hair. You can buy this from e-commerce platform Amazon for Rs 986 with a discount.

Havells HD3151

In the 1200 Watt foldable hair dryer, you get 3 heating modes which include Hot, Cool and Warm mode. This hair dryer is available on Amazon at a discount of Rs 999. You can balance heat in this hair dryer.

VEGA Insta Glam Folding

This hair dryer can give your hair a blow dried look. To buy it you will have to order from Amazon or Flipkart. You are getting this on Amazon for only Rs 674 with 25 percent discount.

Vega Hair Dryer For Women

You are getting this hair dryer on Amazon for Rs 699. You are also getting a compact blow dryer in this travel friendly hair dryer. This dryer can also be a great option for gifting to girls. It is of pink color and its look is quite classy.


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