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Optional examination

The gen-next idea of making Class ‘X’ examination optional is no doubt a novel idea of deburdening the students from instant stress & strain. In past, CBSE has come up with many innovative ideas to make school education friendly. Now it is a step ahead on the backdrop of announcement of the suggestions by Union Minister for human resource development, Kapil Sibal. The policy depicts to make class ‘X’ examination optional & to conduct final board examination in class ‘XI’.

The action plan which is a part of Prime-Minister’s directive of 100 days initiative by ministers, Sibal intensely intend to de-traumatize the students, as well as the much worried lot; the parents. The suggestions, of course attracts, both positive & negative responses, as usual, always, which is a part of Indian public’s reaction & it is part of any new idea comes to surface.

Altogether the initiative is quite praiseworthy, if analysed to have a net value. But the ifs & buts are — to go for a systematic, meticulous continuous evaluation system, which must be transparent & free of personal bias. Apart from that the entire evaluation process must be fault free, self explanatory & motivative. In many advanced countries continuous evaluation system, runs perfectly alright, so in India, it will not be stringent enough to implement it with some localised, need base corrections.

The word of caution in implementing it, would be that the teachers concerned must be exemplary & impartial enough to bring out the best out of the students in the framework of such an evaluation, as a little deviation may downsize the growth of prospective students. Overall the idea is;  students & parent friendly, befitting to present time trend & generation of school-goers & shall immensely deduct the last moment agony of attending the examinations with much speculation.

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