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Optical Illusion: There is a feather hidden somewhere in the room, can you find it in 7 seconds?

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Do you see the feather?Image Credit source: Bright Side

‘Optical Illusion’ is a cleverly designed visual puzzle that challenges your perception. Forces your brain to see things that are not there in the photo puzzle. If you also enjoy solving such puzzles, then we have an interesting optical illusion test of the same level for you. But the artist has created it in such a way that your mind will start getting dizzy the moment you see it.

Before moving towards today’s brain teaser test, let us tell you that practicing optical illusion not only sharpens your mind but also improves observation skills and cognitive skills. So are you ready for today’s challenge? Today’s optical illusion is a picture of a room. The room is quite clean. But the illusion artist has also cleverly hidden a feather there. You have to find it and tell it within seven seconds.

Do you see the feather?

Feather Illusion 1

Image Source: Bright Side

The feather has been hidden very cleverly, which is not within everyone’s power to find. If you think that your observation skills are strong, then you can also become a magician of eyes by completing this challenge in seven seconds. Keep in mind that you have only seven seconds.

Now look carefully at the picture given above and tell if you can see any feather there. Study every detail of the photo closely. As a hint, illusion artists often hide things in the corners or in the middle. Now it seems you might have seen the feather as well. If still not found, then you can see the answer picture below.

Feather Illusion

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