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Optical Illusion: The bird is hidden among the trees and leaves, you have only 5 seconds to find it

If seen, in the last few months people’s attention has increased towards confusing pictures. People not only look at these puzzles but also solve them. Such photo puzzles play tricks on our eyes and minds, making us question what we see. These pictures are called optical illusions. In recent times, a similar puzzle is being discussed among the people.

Let us tell you that optical illusion is such a photo puzzle, which confuses people’s mind badly. She rotates it so much that the eyes start staring at something that is not there in the picture. For example, things are happening in front of you but they are not visible. No matter how hard a person tries, there are only a few who can solve it well. Now this picture is going viral in which you can see trees and plants, but the challenge is that you have to find a bird in it.

see the picture here

Optical Illusion

This picture going viral seems to be of the balcony of a house, in which you can see houses and trees and plants. If you are able to see only this much then surely your eyesight is weak because there is also a bird in this picture. Which the creator has hidden very cleverly. Now if you have a sharp mind and a keen eye, you can easily find it, but you have five seconds to do it.

Optical illusion answer

Optical Illusion Answer

Well, we are hopeful that you will have completed this challenge within the stipulated time. Now for those who could not complete it, we have shared an answer picture above. Those who have found the answer can match their answer correctly. Now please tell us by commenting how you liked our illusion.