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Optical Illusion: A fake bear is hidden in the forest, if you find it then you will admit that you are a genius.

Did you see the fake bear?Image Credit source: Bright Side

Optical illusions or brainteasers are images that show how our brain sees images based on elements such as color, light, and environment. Such photo puzzles often go viral on the internet, which claim to test sharp eyesight. Actually, there is something hidden in these pictures and the task is given to find it. Such puzzles confuse people so much that their mind gets confused the moment they see them. This happens because there is a strong element of illusion in the photo and people give wrong answers even without wanting to.

Bright Side has designed a similar photo puzzle, seeing which people are completely confused. The puzzle challenges people to find a fake bear in a forest full of bears. But people are not able to understand where that fake bear is. Let us tell you that there is only a slight difference between real and fake. Now the challenge is that you have to find it and show it within seven seconds.

Did you see the fake bear?


Image Source: Bright Side

Look at the picture given above and tell as soon as possible where that fake bear is. By the way, this fake bear is of such an original type that you will not understand where it is. Finding it is proving to be almost a difficult task for those with weak eyesight.

Therefore, keep an eagle’s eye on all the bears. Scan everyone’s physical appearance. You will definitely get some clue. If you don’t see the fake bear, don’t worry. We are giving a hint. You will see something like a zipper on the back of that bear. Yes, it is a soft toy.

Bear Answer


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