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OPPO Shows RTX Live Wallpapers for Smartphones in Action

While ray tracing technology has gained popularity mainly due to video games, OPPO engineers have found an equally original use for it. The company has released a special dynamic wallpaper for mobile devices that uses RTX effects to display various lighting effects.


A feature of OPPO’s solution is the use of real-time ray tracing. Unlike watching pre-recorded clips, users can interact with the screen, rotate and move the smartphone, and use various gestures to change the lighting angle and shading effects on the screen. To do this, OPPO uses smartphone hardware and a special rendering algorithm.

The company has already announced three types of original wallpapers, which are expected to be available in the company’s app store in the second half of the year. The list of devices that support innovation has not yet been announced. The vendor also promised to release a software development kit for artists and designers to submit their work on the OPPO online platform.

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