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OPPO INNO Day 2022: health monitor, many devices will be introduced with Oppo Air Glass 2


Oppo has announced several technologies on which the company INNO It has been working since day one. Oppo INNO Day is an annual event where the company showcases various technologies it is working on. first day of session OHealth H1 health monitor, MariSilicon Y chip and Air Glass 2 AR Glass was announced.

the company Inno Day yesterday in China on the second day of its new foldable deviceOppo Find N2 and Find N2 Flip Has also disclosed the launch of Find N2 Flip will be the first flip device from Oppo and it will have Galaxy Z Flip 4 as folding mechanism Will happen. Here’s all you need to know about the products announced at Oppo Inno Day on Day 1.

OHealth H1 Health Monitor

2021 back into, OPPO created a health sub-brand and oHealth Named. The company launched the first product under its Health sub-brand named OHealth H1. It is a health monitoring device that blood oxygenECG (electrocardiogram)Auscultation of heart and lungs, heart rate, body temperature And can measure sleep tracking. It weighs 95 grams, has an oval-like design with rounded edges, and is easy to carry in a jeans pocket.

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OHealth H1 One detailed health to provide an overview Measurement the data done by your health algorithm connects with. This will save your health data doctorsas well as hospitals and clinics can share with.

OPPO INNO Day 2022: Many devices introduced with health monitor, Air Glass 2


MariSilicon Y Bluetooth Audio Chip

anymore, Oppo last year for its premium device MariSilicon X NPU after launch MariSilicon Y Bluetooth audio chip has been announced. NPU use Find X5 series, reno8 And Renault 9 Was done in series. Marisilicon Y all available in the market Bluetooth SoCs Compared to Bluetooth, it increases the bandwidth by up to 50%. The URLC Codec Technics and 590 GOPS Equipped with dedicated NPU. It can provide 24-bit / 192KHz faultless audio via Bluetooth without any quality loss, which the company claims to be an industry first. This MariSilicon X cannot be called the successor of OPPO There is another technic for the device.

Oppo Air Glass 2

OPPO On the first day of INNO Day, Air Glass 2 Displayed. This Oppo air glasses is the successor of INNO Day 2021 was launched back. During last year’s event, the company had said that it 2022 Will go on sale in China which never happened. Now the company has another version of it.

Latest Oppo Air Glass 2 Weight 38 grams is what makes it light but in thick frame Huh. The company says that it has SRG-Diffractive Waveguide lens has been used, which the company claims is the world’s first lens.

Oppo air glasses 2 Can make phone calls, in real time to translate Can provide location based navigation, convert voice to text and other experiences for the hearing impaired Provite Can do. Also, comes with vision correction.


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