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OpenSea Introduces Launchpad for Solana-Based NFT Makers

OpenSea, one of the larger non-fungible token (NFT) marketplaces, has introduced a launchpad for those building their digital collectibles on the Solana blockchain. The launchpad will offer new NFTs as well as pre and post activities. Along with this, support for secondary sales will also be available.

With this, OpenSea has moved towards a multi-chain feature. OpenSea has a blog post “Solana has emerged as a leading blockchain for NFTs over the past year. We share its vision of a scalable NFT ecosystem,” explained in the report. For this launchpad, OpenSea has initially tied up with Monkai and Zoonies, two NFT makers from Solana. Monkai gives holders the opportunity to participate in the making of Monkai anime through the Monkai Decentralized Autonomous Organization. Zoonies is associated with the Alien-Like NFT Collection.

“With this launchpad, we aim to create a better experience for Solana in the NFT ecosystem,” OpenSea said. The fall in the crypto market has also affected the sales of NFTs. Monthly sales volume on OpenSea fell to nearly $700 million in June, from about $2.6 billion in the previous month.

Data from NonFungible.com, which tracks sales on the blockchains Ethereum and Ronin, shows that at the end of June the average NFT Sales were down to around $412, a figure from around $1,754 at the end of April. A Reuters report quoted NonFungible.com co-founder Gauthier Zuppinger as saying, “The slowdown in the crypto market has certainly had an impact on the NFT. We have seen a lot of speculation about this type of asset. It is understood that they cannot become millionaires in two days from this.” The popularity of NFTs is increasing. Sports clubs, automobile companies and pop stars are also getting into this business. A recent survey by financial services company Mastercard of nearly 35,000 people in 40 countries found that about 45 percent of these people have bought or may consider buying NFTs.

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