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OpenAI Opens Up the Power of AI: Free ChatGPT Users Get Advanced Tools

OpenAI has rolled out its latest GPT-4o model to free users since its launch, offering access to more advanced tools and features. The company has extended access to intelligent capabilities such as browsing, vision, data analysis, file uploads, and GPTs for users of the ChatGPT app on Android, iOS, macOS, and the web.

Free Tier Now Includes:

  • Browse the Web: Get real-time information and stay updated with ChatGPT’s internet access.
  • Image Recognition: Upload a picture and have ChatGPT analyze it, identify objects, or even translate text within the image.
  • Data Analysis Powerhouse: Upload data files (CSV, JSON) and have ChatGPT generate interactive tables and charts for visualization.
  • File Uploads & Collaboration: Work with various documents (PDFs, Word docs, spreadsheets) directly within your ChatGPT conversation. Upload, analyze, compare, and summarize with ease.
  • Explore Custom GPTs (Bots): Discover and utilize custom chatbots (GPTs) created by others for specific tasks like coding or writing (creation limited to premium users).

ChatGPT: Memory
The Memory feature enables the AI chatbot to retain or forget important instructions and details shared by users during conversations. Users can instruct the chatbot to remember specific details or provide instructions for future tasks. With Memory enabled, ChatGPT learns and improves over time, ensuring consistent performance. For example, if you ask ChatGPT to summarize texts and provide bullet points, it will do so consistently in future interactions.

ChatGPT: Custom GPTs
OpenAI now allows free tier users to access the GPT Store, where they can browse and utilize custom chatbots (GPTs). While creating and sharing GPTs is restricted to premium subscribers, access to custom GPT chatbots is open to all users.

ChatGPT: Vision
ChatGPT Vision enables users to engage in real-time conversations about images. Users can upload images and discuss specific objects or seek assistance with mathematical problems. The new GPT-4o model enhances this feature by translating text in images and providing additional context.

ChatGPT: File Uploads
This feature allows free users to upload various document types, including PDFs, Word documents, presentations, and spreadsheets, for analysis within conversations with the chatbot. For instance, users can upload a spreadsheet and ask ChatGPT to analyze the data, offer summaries, or create visual representations. Similar functions are available for other file types.

ChatGPT: Data Analysis
Free users can upload raw data files in CSV and JSON formats and instruct the chatbot to generate interactive tables or charts based on text prompts. These data representations are customizable, allowing users to personalize graphics according to their preferences.


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