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Open challenge to Tata and Hyundai! Kia to launch electric vehicle in India, will launch 14 fast models

New Delhi: If you want to avoid the ravages of petrol and diesel and want to drive a gallop without any pollution at a low cost, then there is good news for you. Kia has made an announcement for its fans. Kia has announced a new plan to introduce electric vehicles. The South Korean brand had earlier asked to make 11 electric vehicles by 2026. However, now the company has revised that target to 14 models by the year 2027. Also, Kia has set a new sales target of 160,000 units, which is 5 percent of the annual sales target in the year 2022. By 2030, Kia plans to achieve a target of 1.2 million units, which is 30 per cent of the total sales. Kia has announced that it plans to produce these electric vehicles in India, the US, Europe, China and Korea.

Kia plans to launch at least two electric vehicles every year and build a complete line-up of 14 vehicles by 2027. Kia will offer two electric pickup trucks, an electric pickup truck and a model for emerging markets and an entry-level electric vehicle model.

Kia’s EV9 Electric SUV

The flagship electric vehicle EV9 will launch in 2023. The EV9 is a large SUV with an overall length of around 5 metres. Regardless of size, Kia claims it can accelerate from 0-100 km/h in five seconds. In terms of range, the SUV will cover a range of around 540 km on a full charge. It can also offer a driving range of 100 km with a charge of 6 minutes.

Production of electric vehicles in India
Talking about its roadmap for EVs, Kia said that it plans to have entry and mid-size EV models in India from 2025. Kia is also planning to set up a battery supply and demand strategy and upgrade battery technology as demand is expected to increase from 13GWh to 119GWh in 2030 due to the increase in EV cells.

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