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Only Windows and nothing else. Microsoft Pluton co-processor in Ryzen 6000 APUs may prevent installation of third-party OS

AMD Ryzen 6000 mobile processors are the first in the consumer market to feature a built-in Microsoft Pluton security coprocessor. And maybe this could be a problem for some users.

As the source discovered, the first laptop with Ryzen 6000 Pro APUs is not capable of booting Linux. More precisely, not only Linux, but in general any OS other than Windows, but since Linux is the most common alternative, it was tested on it.

An attempt to boot Linux from a USB drive on a Lenovo ThinkPad Z13 laptop failed, and the author eventually discovered that Microsoft Pluton was the culprit. More specifically, the device does not trust bootloaders or drivers signed with a third-party Microsoft UEFI CA key. And this means that nothing but Windows can be installed on a laptop. Moreover, booting from external media via Thunderbolt will also fail.

Whether it is possible to somehow disable Pluton is not yet clear, but AMD has previously said directly that even users themselves can allegedly do this. But, most likely, the implementation of such a function remains at the discretion of the manufacturer. It’s also worth noting that Pluton is present in all Ryzen 6000 processors, but we haven’t heard of any problems with Linux before. At the same time, Pluton can be disabled by default – this also remains at the discretion of the manufacturer. Thus, the problem with the Lenovo ThinkPad Z13 does not mean at all that a similar situation will occur with all Ryzen 6000 laptops, but you need to keep this in mind before buying a PC.

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