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Only 14 women got e-auto permit in Delhi, autos are not being sold due to high interest rate

Registration reduced due to higher Bajaj rate

Women drivers who applied for e-auto permit say that the interest rate on electric auto is very high, due to which the monthly installment of e-auto is also high. Apart from this, there is a lot of problem in getting the loan. Women customers say that even after submitting all the documents in the bank for the loan, the bank is delaying. Some women drivers said that the banks were delaying in completing the document verification process, adding to their problems. Some women customers have also surrendered the application due to non-availability of loan from the bank.

It has been told in the report that since electric autos are new in the market, the interest rate on them is also high. Therefore, with time, the interest rates of e-autos will also come down. The Delhi government is giving a subsidy of 5 percent on every electric auto purchased on loan, subject to a maximum of Rs 30,000. The scheme of electric auto has been serialized from the Delhi Electric Vehicle Policy.

CNG autos running in Delhi for 20 years

Let us tell you that there are a total of 95,000 auto registered in Delhi, whose maximum limit can be up to 1 lakh. In view of the increasing pollution in the city, the Delhi government is giving new permits only to electric autos. This will help in controlling pollution in Delhi. The Delhi government has also prepared a plan to convert all CNG autos to electric in a phased manner, on which work will be started in the coming few years.

The Delhi government had announced the Electric Vehicle Policy in August 2020. In its EV policy, the Delhi government has set a target to roll out 24 percent electric vehicles by 2024. To promote the sale of electric vehicles, the Delhi government is giving subsidy in registration of electric vehicles and road tax.

PUC certificate made mandatory in Delhi

In order to deal with pollution before winter in Delhi, the government has made a valid PUC certificate (Pollution Under Control Certificate) mandatory. Now, anyone caught driving a vehicle without a valid PUC certificate in Delhi can attract a fine of Rs 10,000. Not only this, if the PUC of the vehicle is not done, then the driving license can be canceled for 3 months along with 6 months in jail.

Trucks banned in Delhi

In view of the serious situation of pollution that occurs in winter every year, now the Delhi government has already started preparing to deal with it. The Delhi Transport Department has announced a ban on vehicles causing more pollution during winters. The entry of trucks and other heavy vehicles into the city will remain closed from October this year to February 2023 in Delhi.

According to the report, around 70,000-80,000 trucks enter Delhi every day. The vehicles that will be allowed in the city include CNG and battery-operated electric vehicles. Apart from this, all trucks carrying essential goods like vegetables, fruits, grains, eggs, ice, milk and other food items are exempted from the ban. Tankers carrying petroleum products are also out of the ban.

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