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Online Shopping Scam: This mistake will be huge while shopping online, it may cost millions

Avoid Reading Fake Reviews during Online Shopping: In today’s time, online shopping has become very much liked. If you are also fond of online shopping sitting at home, then we have a very important thing for you. We are going to tell you about one such mistake that you must make and which you should absolutely avoid. Let us tell you that this mistake can cost you millions. Let’s know about it..

If you do online shopping, then it may happen that you read its reviews before buying anything. If so, then let us tell you that reading reviews can cost you lakhs of rupees. Let us tell you that a lot of fake reviews are appearing on online shopping sites, due to which you can get cheated.

Avoid This Online Shopping Scam

Actually, nowadays an online shopping scam is going on in which many wrong reviews of many products are given on all the shopping websites, due to which people lose their lives. Let us tell you that these websites also include famous platforms like Amazon and Flipkart.

this way you can stay safe

If you are wondering how you can stay safe from this scam, then let us tell you that by being a little careful, you can save yourself from getting caught in this scam. We are going to tell you about some such tools, using which you will be able to identify which reviews on shopping sites are fake and which are real.

Download Link

In this way differentiate between fake and real review

We are talking about Chrome extensions like ReviewMeta, Fakespot and The Review Index, which will help you identify fake reviews. To use these tools, first open Chrome on your desktop or laptop and download one of the extensions.

Then go to the product page whose reviews you are viewing and copy the URL of the product. Now go to that Chrome extension and paste the link. Here you will check the review, then you will see only the original reviews.

In this way, you will not fall prey to false or fake reviews and buy expensive products and save your money.



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