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Online shopping platform Meesho again announced retrenchment, so many employees will be affected!

Job Cuts in Meesho: The country’s unicorn startup company Meesho has once again announced layoffs. The recession prevailing in the countries of America and Europe has also affected the Indian market. In such a situation, many giants and startup companies of the country have made several rounds of layoffs. Meesho’s name has also been added to the list of retrenchment companies. Announcing the second round of layoffs, the company has decided to reduce its total workforce by 15 percent.

So many employees will be affected-

Soft back-backed company Meesho said on Friday that amid major changes taking place in the tech industry, the company has made changes to make itself sustainable. After this, Meesho has made a plan to retrench a total of 251 employees. This is 15 percent of the total employees working in the company.

retrenchment of earlier employees

Earlier in April 2022 also, the startup company had decided to lay off a total of 150 employees. The company did this layoff after restructuring its grocery business Farmiso. At that time, the company had shown the way out to a total of 250 employees. After the second phase of layoffs, Vidit Aatrey, co-founder and CEO of Meesho, said in an email sent to employees on May 5 that the company has taken this decision due to major changes taking place globally. Earlier in the layoffs in April, Atre had said that the company had made a mistake in the hiring decision during the Corona lockdown. This necessary decision has been taken to save such business.

Employees who are victims of retrenchment will get help

The CEO has also said that apart from the notice period, all the employees who have been retrenched will be given 15 days more salary. Along with this, the family of all the employees will get the facility of health insurance till March 31, 2024. Along with this, the employees who were retrenched will also remain the share holders of the company.

These companies also announced layoffs

Earlier, Canada’s leading e-commerce platform company Shopify has also announced layoffs. The company is going to lay off 20 percent of the total employees. Apart from this, American company Cognizant also announced the layoff of 3,000 employees on Thursday. Significantly, due to the global recession, many big companies like Twitter, Meta, Amazon, Microsoft etc. have done layoffs on a large scale. Along with this, many startup companies like Byju’s, ShareChat etc. have shown the way out to the employees on a large scale.


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