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Online Shopping Fraud: Dummy placed in parcel instead of iPhone! delivery person absconding

Online Shopping Fraud: Many times you must have heard about giant online shopping stores like Amazon, Flipkart that the company sent stones in the parcel instead of goods or did something similar. Sometimes someone else is responsible behind this. A big case of fraud has come to light in Gurgaon, adjacent to Delhi, in which the delivery person himself replaced the iPhone with a dummy i.e. fake iPhone. Let us tell you the whole matter.

The delivery person of an e-commerce company allegedly iphone Stole and put dummy phones in the parcel instead. PTI According to, amazon Ravi, the station in-charge of Matrix Finance Solution, the company that delivered the parcels, told that the accused carried out the fraud midway and placed the fake iPhones in the parcel. After this, by not delivering the parcel to the customer, he sent his brother to the company to return the parcel saying that the customer could not be contacted.

Station in-charge Ravi said that on March 27, Lalit was given the parcel to be delivered. in which 10 iphone And there were AirPods. Lalit sent his brother Manoj to return the parcel by placing a dummy in the parcel. According to the complaint lodged with the police, Ravi suspected the package to be tampered with. The parcel was opened and the company found that the counterfeit iPhones were kept inside.

On the other hand, the customer also got the order canceled due to non-receipt of the parcel. An FIR has been registered against the delivery person Lalit for cheating under section 420, breach of trust by an employee under section 408 of the Indian Penal Code. The matter has come to the fore from Bilaspur police station. Till the time of writing the news, the accused has been said to be absconding, for which efforts are being made to arrest him.


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