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Online scam: Online scam alert fake mails by facebook being received on Gmail Hotmail Outlook important data being stolen

Online Scam Fake Facebook Mails Alert: As the use of internet is increasing, so are the cases of online scams. In a recently revealed report, it has been found that a dangerous mail is coming to Gmail and Hotmail users, which can prove to be very harmful for them. Scammers are sending these mails, but it looks like this mail has come from ‘Facebook’. This fraud email is being sent with the aim of stealing the necessary details of the users and this plan is being executed in a very clever way.

Fake mails coming in the name of Facebook: A report by says that cyber-security experts of Trustwave say that users of Hotmail, Gmail, Outlook etc. are getting a fake mail in which It is written that his Facebook account is going to be deleted. A link is also included in the mail and it is written in the mail that by clicking on the given link, the Facebook account can be kept safe.

What is written in Fake Mail: The mail that scammers are sending to people is coming in the name of ‘Facebook Support Team’. It is written in this mail, ‘Your page is about to be deleted because our community standards have been violated. In the next 48 hours, if we do not get any response from you, then your page will be automatically deleted. Click on the link below to ‘appeal’ against this decision.

Facebook details are being stolen: As soon as the user clicks on the ‘appeal’ button in the mail, they are taken to a Facebook page where while chatting with an ‘official’ the user is asked for name, email address, mobile The number and sometimes even a two-factor authentication code are asked for. In this way, hackers take all the personal information from you in the name of Facebook.

Result of the scam: By taking your personal information, you will not only lose access to your own Facebook account, but also, the hacker will also take advantage of it by reusing your passwords. With your home address and phone number, the hacker can easily access your bank account which will be even more harmful.

Stay safe like this: Let us tell you that as soon as this scam was reported, the fake Facebook pages associated with it were removed but the threat is not averted. To avoid this scam, do not take any such mail seriously, do not reply to those mails which are not meant and do not click on unknown links. Online scams are on the rise these days and it is very important to be alert to avoid them.

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