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Online Pharmacy: Need huge discount on getting medical checkup done? This trick can save you thousands of rupees

Online Medicine: There is nothing more important than the health of the people. The better the health, the better a person will be able to live life. Although people also get many diseases from time to time. Along with this, the changing weather also has a bad effect on the health of the people. At the same time, people sometimes have to face serious diseases too. In such a situation, people definitely get medical checkup done to catch these diseases. The cost of different medical checkups varies. Medical checkup can also be very costly. Although medical check-up can be done cheaply too.

You can check price online

Actually, now there are many such online apps where you can see the price of getting medical checkup done and can also get your booking done. In such a situation, you get a medical checkup on time and do not have to wait any extra. On the other hand, if you are checking the prices of online medical checkup, then through a trick, you can get a medical checkup done at a low cost.

here is the trick

Tata 1mg is a healthcare platform. It provides health related services including e-pharmacy, diagnostics, e-consultation and health content. On the other hand, if you go to its app and see information related to medical checkup, then the app also monitors your activities and in such a situation, if you come back only after seeing the cost of medical services and do not choose any option then In a short time, a call is also made to you from the company’s side.

will get such offer

When you do not choose any option in the app and you get a call from the company, then many services are also offered to you by the company. In such a situation, even in the medical checkup you had to get, a discount is offered to you by the company. You can also ask for a discount if the extra discount is not offered. With the help of this discount, you can get the medical tests that you had to get done even with the lesser amount shown on the app and in this case your money can also be saved.

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