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Onion Price: After getting relief from garlic, onion started shedding tears, prices increased

Onion prices started increasing againImage Credit source: Firdous Nazir/Eyepix Group/Future Publishing via Getty Images

Due to shortening of winters, garlic prices have started showing a decline. Till a few days ago, the price of garlic had reached close to Rs 600. Which has now come down to around Rs 400 forts. Here the common man has got relief from the prices of garlic. So now the onion has started shedding tears again.

Onion prices have started rising once again. Onion prices have increased by Rs 2 to 3 per kg in Ajapur Mandi of Delhi. Traders believe that prices may increase further. So what happened that onion prices suddenly started increasing?

prices have increased so much

After this decision, onion which was earlier being sold at Rs 15 to 25 per kg in Azadpur Mandi of Delhi, has now increased to Rs 17 to 27. According to Ramesh Sharma, who deals in onion business in the same market, further increase in prices may be seen in the coming days. Talking about statistics, about 70 to 80 trucks come to onion markets every day in Delhi. This onion goes from the market to the retail market. After the government’s decision, it is expected that the arrivals may decrease in the coming days. If the arrival decreases then onion prices may see a further increase. Recently also there was a sudden rise in the prices of onion. Then, after efforts made by the government, its rising prices could be controlled. The government started selling cheap onions at NAFED and other government stores.

Due to this the prices started increasing

According to media reports, a notification was issued by the Directorate General of Foreign Trade on Friday in which the Central Government has given permission to export 50 thousand tonnes of onion to Bangladesh through National Cooperative Exports Limited (NCEL). After this, onion prices suddenly started increasing in the vegetable market on Saturday. The price in the market has increased by Rs 200 to Rs 300 per quintal.


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