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OnePlus Watch 3: A Possible New Contender Spotted on Certification Website and Showcasing New Design and Button Layout

On May 19, 2024, a new leak emerged suggesting that OnePlus might be working on another smartwatch. This comes shortly after the launch of their first WearOS smartwatch, the OnePlus Watch 2, in February 2024. The Watch 2 was known for its innovative dual-processor design that offered both WearOS and a custom operating system for extended battery life.

This new OnePlus wearable was spotted on a certification website in China. While it shares some similarities with the Watch 2, it also boasts some distinct features.

A Sleeker Design

A leaked image from the certification website showcases a watch with a large display featuring the OnePlus logo. The bezel surrounding the display appears thinner than the one on the Watch 2. Interestingly, the bezel also has markings, a new design element for OnePlus watches.

The image also suggests a slimmer profile compared to the bulkier Watch 2. However, it’s important to note that the angle of the photograph might be affecting how thin the device appears in the image.

New Button Layout, Familiar Strap

Similar to the Watch 2, this new watch appears to have two buttons on the side. However, unlike the Watch 2’s multifunction button with an unusual downward angle, both buttons on this new model protrude outwards. The design of the watch lugs and the strap seem similar to the current model.

Cellular Connectivity and Android OS

The certification listing doesn’t reveal the official name of the product, but it does provide some key specifications. The battery capacity is listed at 500mAh, which is the same as the Watch 2. However, a significant difference is the inclusion of LTE connectivity through an eSIM, a feature missing on the current Watch 2.

The listing also suggests that the watch will use Android as its operating system, a different approach compared to the Watch 2’s dual-architecture of WearOS and a custom OS. It remains unclear if this new watch will keep the same dual-system design.

For connectivity, the watch is expected to use Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and NFC, along with standard global positioning systems like GPS, BeiDou, and GLONASS.

Release Date and Name Remain a Mystery

There is no official information on when this smartwatch will be released. However, since it has already gone through certification, an announcement could be coming soon.

The exact positioning of this watch is also unclear. With its cellular connectivity, it could be a slightly upgraded version of the Watch 2, potentially named the OnePlus Watch 2S. On the other hand, it could be an entirely new model, possibly called the OnePlus Watch 3, or even a higher-end “Ultra” model similar to what Samsung offers.


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