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OnePlus smartphones confirm the title of the most explosive at the moment

Details have emerged about another incident with the explosion of the OnePlus smartphone, which was recorded in India. It’s worth noting that OnePlus Nord CE exploded this time, with several cases with explosions OnePlus Nord 2.

Twitter user Dushyant Goswami shared images of a OnePlus Nord CE smartphone that exploded when he pulled it out of his pocket. He added that the device was purchased about six months ago.

Along with posting this on Twitter, Goswami also posted this incident on LinkedIn. However, messages related to the incident were eventually deleted by the user. He claims that OnePlus has promised to send him a new device.

The deleted post stated, “I have a very popular OnePlus phone that promises better quality. My phone is only 6 months old and yesterday it literally exploded as soon as I took it out of my pocket. This is not only bad, but also deadly. Will the brand be responsible for the incident? “

Photos confirm that all key parts of the smartphone, including the battery, display and camera, have been completely destroyed. OnePlus hasn’t made an official announcement yet.


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