Thursday, February 22, 2024

OnePlus 12 will provide powerful gaming experience with Pixelworks’ IRX certification

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OnePlus has OnePlus 12 has partnered with Pixelworks to provide a better gaming experience on the global version of. Here we are telling you in detail about the gaming experience available in OnePlus 12.

OnePlus 12 Global has redefined the gaming experience with the integration of Pixelworks’ X7 Independent Visual Processor. OnePlus 12 works on one of the top models of Android. It works on Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 platform and is equipped with Adreno GPU for strong gaming performance. The smartphone sports a 2K 120Hz ProXDR display with LTPO that offers 4,500 nits of brightness. OnePlus collaborated with Pixelworks to integrate the Pixelworks

The Pixelworks X7 features MotionEngine technology, bringing low-power super-resolution technology to the OnePlus 12. This provides users with a smoother and more stable 120fps, ultra-clear 2K super-resolution visual experience. This X7’s rendering architecture results in better performance, lower power and extended battery life during gameplay of popular mobile games like King of Glory, Game for Peace, League of Legends, Genshin Impact, QQ Speed ​​and more.

OnePlus The 12 also uses Pixelworks’ multi-brightness color calibration to accurately display color in a variety of settings. Using the 3D LUT method, this technology adjusts performance such as color, saturation and brightness. This shows that the colors on the screen match the human eye in different lighting conditions, providing authentic and vivid visuals.

Playing games on mobile devices compared to normal consoles and PCs is a big challenge for the tech giants. Unlike PCs that require direct power from the grid, mobile devices like laptops and smartphones rely on battery power, making energy efficiency important. IRX Certified OnePlus 12 addresses this issue by incorporating Pixelworks’ IRX rendering acceleration solution.

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