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OnePlus 10 Pro fails durability test

Tech blogger Zach Nelson, known as the “smartphone destroyer”, has conducted a hardcore test of the flagship OnePlus 10 Pro. According to tradition, he tested the gadget for resistance to the effects of a knife and a lighter, and also tried to bend it with his bare hands – and unexpectedly succeeded in this discipline.

A protective film is pasted on the screen of the device – having removed it, the blogger found out that Gorilla Glass Victus glass is scratched when exposed to a center punch with a hardness of 6-7 units on the Mohs scale. The case frame is made of anodized aluminum and is easily damaged by a clerical knife. But the scratches on the back cover were almost invisible, unlike the glossy display module.

When the display was heated with a lighter, it received permanent damage to the matrix in the form of a dark spot – after cooling, this area never recovered. The fingerprint scanner located under the screen continued to work even with a lot of scratches on the touch layer.

The bending test of the OnePlus 10 Pro failed – the back cover of the device was immediately covered with cracks, and with a little more effort, Nelson broke the gadget almost in half. The blogger noted that the smartphone should be carried carefully in the back pocket, as there is a risk of irreparable damage to it.

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