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OnePlus 10 Pro camera tested in the stratosphere

Shortly before the announcement of the global version of OnePlus 10 Pro, the company conducted an unusual test of the flagship camera. His shooting capabilities were tested at a great height, sending the gadget almost into space.

To implement the plan, four smartphones were immediately fixed on a special probe, which then rose into the stratosphere. During the flight, he encountered severe weather conditions: wind speeds reached 200 km / h, and temperatures reached -60 ° C. Having reached their destination, the smartphones were still able to take a series of pictures of the Earth’s surface from an unusual angle.

The OnePlus 10 Pro triple camera includes 50MP, 48MP, and 8MP image sensors. Another feature of the model was the support of proprietary OnePlus Billion Color technology – according to the company, it allows the smartphone to recognize more than a billion colors when taking photos.

The announcement of the global version of the flagship device will take place the day after tomorrow, March 31.

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