Friday, February 23, 2024

One of the favorite crossovers of Russians became cheaper almost twice: named the current price of unofficial Geely Monjaro

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Geely Monjaro became one of the hits of the Russian automotive market in 2023, and in 2024 it is already aiming for the title of the most popular off-roader. However, far from all Monjaros are sold officially in Russia, and, as «Auto News Day» reports, unofficial machines from China have become more accessible now than they were in 2023.

For example, one of the sellers from Nizhnego Novgorod is ready to bring Monjaro only for 2,7 million rubles. For 2,8 million rubles the new Monjaro is sold in Moscow, and it is available. It is not known whether all collections (utilization, SBKT and EPTC) are included in this price, but their cost is about 400 thousand. rubles. So that even taking into account such surcharges, Monjaro from China is much cheaper than the official one, which now costs from 4,695 to 4,995 million rubles without taking into account discounts and benefits.

Earlier we had written about the differences between official and unofficial Geely Monjaro.

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