Tuesday, February 27, 2024

One Nation, One Election will boost the economy, this is how the country will benefit

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s dream of One Nation, One Election has now been accepted by the industrialists of the country also. He believes that one nation, one election will give a booster to the country’s economy. At the same time, the cost spent in elections will also be less. The Confederation of Indian Industries (CII) expressed its support for simultaneous elections, saying it would unify the election cycles at the Center and the state level. CII said ‘one nation one election’ would increase efficiency of governance and economic growth. Development will get a boost.

Expressed views on One Nation One Election

CII on Friday presented its views before the high level committee on One Country One Election (ONOE). The high-level committee on ONOE, chaired by former President Ram Nath Kovind, held its fifth meeting. CII’s idea is based on the economic benefits of streamlining the electoral process, which will increase efficiency of governance and promote economic growth, the industry body said. .

Frequent elections have an impact on work.

It said frequent elections lead to disruption in policy making and administration, leading to uncertainty about government policies. Deploying officials on election duty also impacts the functioning of the government, CII said. Before elections, investment decisions by the private sector slow down. Additionally, it delays project implementation as the Model Code of Conduct comes into force.

CII Director General Chandrajit Banerjee said, “Given the economic losses and the slowdown in policy-making, CII suggests that India should return to the simultaneous election cycle.”

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