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One Nation One Charger: Neither thin, nor wide, nor small… Now every device will have only one charger

New Delhi.One Nation One Charger: For a long time, we have been hearing that a charger poly for all devices is coming soon. You will no longer need separate chargers for your laptop, smartphone and tablet. One advantage of this will also be that you will not have to carry the charger of your phone, tablet or laptop while traveling somewhere. The government is setting up expert committees to explore the use of universal chargers for mobile phones and other portable electronic devices. After this, the full report is expected to be submitted in two months.

Explain that the government is planning to implement the ‘Common Charger Policy’, which is also being called ‘One Nation One Charger’ strategy. As per this policy, all our daily need devices like smartphones, laptops, tablets and other wearables will be charged with a single universal charger. Before implementing the ‘One Nation One Charger’ strategy, the government has held a meeting with all the major stakeholders of the Indian mobile industry.

If this policy is fully implemented, it will bring down the cases of e-waste in a big way. If seen, it will also be very beneficial for the users. One charger policy can be fully approved. At least that is what is expected. At the same time, the chargers or charging cords that the original device manufacturers will provide can be expensive. According to a LocalCircle survey, nine out of ten customers want the government to standardize charging cables for smartphones and tablets.


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