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ONDC will make everyone leave! Here you will get the cheapest goods from Flipkart, the price is directly 30% less

ONDC has introduced a digital e-commerce platform by the Government of India. Its full form is “Open Network for Digital Commerce”. Now as the name suggests, rest is like an e-commerce platform, from where users can order food delivery to grocery items. It is being claimed that 30 percent cheaper goods are available on this platform than other e-commerce platforms. Let’s know the complete details about it

how cheap
Explain that other e-commerce platforms including Flipkart and food delivery apps such as Swiggy and Zomato act as middlemen, earning commission from both the seller and the buyer. This commission is up to 30 percent. In such a situation, the government has introduced an open platform, on which sellers can directly list their goods to sell. Whereas buyers can buy those goods directly. In such a situation, goods can be purchased from this platform at 30 percent less price.

how will the goods arrive
In this platform, the seller registers his goods, after that the goods reach the lead delivery partner. The order is then supplied to the customer.

Where is ONDC located
The ONDC platform is currently present in around 180 cities in the country. Where users can buy the things they need.

How to Register
To sell any item on ONDC, you must first create an account on ONDC. After this you have to select Business to Business or Business to Commerce category. A shopkeeper has the option to select more than one category. After this you have to list the product. After this your product will be listed and then you will be connected with network partners. The government has created a complete framework of delivery network for the operation of ONDC.

getting cheap stuff
ONDC is becoming very viral these days. People are posting pictures on Twitter of ordering cheaper food from ONDC than Swiggy and Zomato.

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