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On sending these 2 photo-videos on Whatsapp, the account will be blocked, WhatsApp has been closed for 19 lakh users

New Delhi. Whatsapp is keeping a close watch on the users. This is the reason why Whatsapp is continuously taking action on such users who are sending photos and videos that divide the society. In May, Whatsapp has banned the account of 19 lakh users. Also, action can be taken against other users as well. The company says that these users had violated the IT Rules 2021.

When can the account be blocked?

Account being blocked simply means that you have shared something with Whatsapp account which has violated IT Rules 2021. Also, this action can be taken in case of spreading any rumour. Remember that doing this can even lead to police action. After the riots in North-East Delhi in the past, Delhi Police has taken such action on Whatsapp account holders.

How to Unblock Account?

After the Whatsapp account is blocked, you will not be able to use WhatsApp from that number. Also, messages cannot be sent to anyone from that number. In such a situation, users also need to take great care of many things. You can also register your complaint by visiting the Help Center. If found correct, the WhatsApp account can be recovered. But in such a situation there are very few chances that the account will be recovered.

Can even go to jail-

Many things we do unknowingly or unknowingly, after which legal action can also be taken against us. Even by forgetting we should not do any such thing which violates the law. The country also has strict laws regarding child pornography. Along with this, sending videos and photos targeting any caste, religion also comes under the category of legal offense. In such a situation, even by forgetting such a thing should not be sent. If a complaint is received, a police FIR can also be registered.

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