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On New Year’s Eve, when people will be immersed in the celebration, this 72 feet disaster will be moving towards the earth! NASA’s warning

Apart from planets and stars, there are many such celestial objects in our space about which we know very little. But among these asteroids are such celestial bodies which have been continuously passing through the Earth for the last several months. Recently many asteroids have turned towards the earth. Now NASA has issued a warning of another sky disaster. The agency has spoken of a 72 feet asteroid coming towards the earth. Its speed is said to be 21,744 kilometers per hour.

space agency NASA Has released information about the 2022 YR1 asteroid passing near the Earth. Many details about this have been given on the official website of the agency. NASA has described its size as big as a commercial plane. It will pass closest to Earth on January 1, 2023. When it will be closest to the Earth, then its second will be 6250000 km.

NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (According to the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), the size of the asteroid is 72 feet and it is coming towards the earth at a speed of 21744 kilometers per hour or 6.04 kilometers per second. However, NASA has also said that there is no danger to the earth due to this. The chances are slim to none. It will just pass close to the earth. When people are immersed in the celebration of welcoming the new year, then it will be passing closest to the earth.

To track its direction and speed, NASA has deployed many types of telescopes and satellites so that the agency gets accurate information about its journey. if for some reason this asteroid If it collides with the earth, it can prove to be very destructive. Their collision can be so effective that it can affect the whole world. Apart from this, an asteroid named 2022 YS6 is moving towards the earth. It will pass through the closest distance of 1790000 km from the earth. Its speed is said to be 34956 kilometers per hour.


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