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Omega 1 petrol engine is environmentally friendly

Almost all modern automakers are investing in the development of electric motors, gradually reducing the production of gasoline cars. However, this technology still has a future, as Astron Aerospace presented a new type of Omega 1 internal combustion engine. It can run on various types of fuel, has a compact size and produces a lot of power.

The main advantage of the novelty was a very low level of emissions – their almost complete absence. The Omega 1 lacks the conventional offset crankshaft, reciprocating pistons, and eccentric shaft found in Wankel rotary engines. The special design allows you to bypass one of the most important problems – the overlap of the exhaust gases.

Omega 1 has several special chambers and a compartment that separates the cold intake air from the hot exhaust gas. Four rotors are mounted on two shafts, working in pairs: the front pair is responsible for starting and compression, and the rear pair is responsible for combustion and gas release. The rotors are connected by timing gears so they rotate in the opposite direction at the same speed.

The unit weighs just under 16 kg, but can develop up to 160 horsepower with 230 Nm of torque. The developers claim that they already have a working prototype and are ready to offer it to interested companies. This technology may be of interest to regions where electric vehicles cannot be developed due to weak related infrastructure. Vehicles powered by environmentally friendly internal combustion engines will significantly reduce emissions and help overcome the period of transition to fully electrified vehicles.


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